What you will learn with this book

  • Save hundreds of thousands of dollars over your lifetime

    Your interest rates may be "fine", but are they the best? Start saving money instantly by always qualify for the best rates.

  • From bankruptcy to the best rates in 2 years!

    Qualify for the best rates with the major banks in just 2 years after bankruptcy (not 7) once you know the insider secrets to rapidly rebuild credit.

  • Why paying your bills on time is just not enough

    Discover common monthly mistakes that are consistently lowering your credit score.

  • Be approaved for loans in less than 15 min

    Learn how a high credit score and established credit can end the hours and days of nail-bitting wait times for loan and credit approvals.

  • Forms of credit that hurt your score

    Not all types of credit are created equal. Find out which types are slowing you down.

  • Fraud...Ignorance is not bliss!

    Fraud is the fastest growing crime in the country and is costing Canadians millions each year. Learn how to protect yourself and your family.

Going through bankruptcy is stressful, but trying to rebuild your credit afterward is even worse. Thanks to Richard, I no longer have any hassles when it comes to applying for financing. I'm once again eligible for the best rates which saves me thousands of dollars!
John Doe
Dr Andrew
Former Bankrupt Client
Previous to meeting Richard Moxley and reading The Nine Rules of Credit I had some pretty bad credit which was delaying the start of a new business. After two months, my credit score went from 493 to 660. I am now in good credit standing again and best of all, I know how to keep it that way.
Jane Doe
My wife is from the USA and for years we have had a really hard time establishing her credit rating. After reading The Average Joe's 9 rules of credit, we had clear and easy-to-follow directions to improve my credit score and build her credit. Within 6 months, my wife's credit went from 0 (nothing) to 737!!!!
Jimmy Doe
Nathan Martin
Starting From Scratch

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Not convinced yet? Credit affects absolutely everything in your life. Why not find out money saving tips and tricks your banker doesn’t even know!

  • Learn how to access a free anual credit report.
  • Learn to dispute false or fraudulant dings on your credit.
  • Learn how to get your credit score to the top quickly, and keep it there.

A word from the Author

After seven years as a Mortgage Broker, I had finally had enough of watching the Average Joe forced to pay thousands more in excess rates and fees, all because no one had taught them the rules of credit. These good, hardworking people were paying their bills ontime, but like most North American’s, had no idea there were 8 other rules to this credit game that no one had ever explained. I needed to do something about it.

What do you do when you’re declined for financing, or are a victim of fraud and credit errors? What do you do when you have no credit, or are trying to repair damaged credit? Where do Canadians find answers to these questions? Millions of us have nowhere to turn for help. Professionals in the financial industry often don’t have the time, the incentive, or even the knowledge to help.

That's why I wrote The Nine Rules of Credit – How to Start, Rebuild, and Always Maintain Great Credit. It is a combination of insider secrets, money saving tips, and how to reverse engineer the credit scoring model to your advantage. Written so the Average Joe can easily apply all 9 rules of credit, and play the game to win!

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